Presents its special youth characters for a full collection of mobile
/   Multiplicity
/   Enthusiasm
/   Joy
/   Originality
/   Rebellion
It is the real lifestyle mobile accessories that fits every young.
People.every tiny fashion is just right at your fingertips.
Stay chic stay as a mejorer.
Feel the Music, feel yourself.
Inspired by an engineering team, or say, audio zealots, Who keep focusing on quality audio products. We are looking for the things. that are indeed like music soul mate for all.
The delicacy is seen anywhere, care and love are with everycurve, metallic and high class are what GoBiBOX shows
It is not all about that bass, it is also about the love of good music and the way to enjoy good music.
GoBiBOX is presenting you the best of it could be!
Feel the music, Feel yourself, you are the owner, you are leading your own way.

  • Kunhong with the brands Mejor & Gobibox attended Hongkong Electronic Fair at the booth 3D-D21 from 13-16 Oct 2018. Taking the business with our partners!

  • Sep 2-5 2018 KunHong Electronics Co., Ltd showed the latest consumer electronics products at 2018 IFA Berlin.

  • Aug. 2017 Started to attend Magic show in Las Vegas to further gaining its success for combining Fashion and Tech.

  • Jan. 2017 Started to attend CES show in Las Vegas with big success on its unique fashion accessories.

  • Dec. 2015 Kunhong has built up its own brand "GoBibox" and "Mejor" for high-end business and colorful stylish mobile accessories.

  • Mar. 2012 KunHong Electronics Co., Ltd was established in Bao'an, Shenzhen by its Founder and CEO Gordon Pan.